The Art of Kathryn Crenshaw 
NEWS: Jan 1st 2023

To start the new year off with a bang, it seems I am unable to change the images on the front page on my website.

I have no idea why and it's looking more and more like a may need to restore it to a previous version, which OF COURSE I just applied to several conventions, so I don't want to take my website offline just let. So this may be an 'Fix it After March' issues. So for right now, the images (and that AWFUL white border that is one some versions) stay. The rest of the website I can change the images with, so I guess it could be worse. And at least I can change the text thanks to old school website knowledge.

Speaking of Conventions I did make it into the Pin and Ink Show so that will be my first show of the year and I hope to see lot's of people there!

And that's all.
Wish me luck working out how and why my website broke!

New Art  Oct 2022

Here are some of my latest sketches and finished pieces.
As you can see I've been doing a bit of everything, from new gallery pieces, new black and white work for a zine, and a series of anime boys from the retro anime show Samurai Troopers.

I will be updating the galleries with those I deem my best work later. 
For more, sketches, please follow my tumblr blog  GalacticDustBunnies.Tumblr.Com
Commission Status
Five 2X7  $20 Bookmark Spots Open
please email: kcrenshaw.designs@gm,
if interested

Upcoming Shows: 
Pin&Ink/Anime UWU : Feb 11th Lewisville TX, Music City Mall