State of DisUnion

An ongoing webcomic dedicated to the wonderful, absurd, and sometimes tragic history of the United States. 
Currently on Hiatus (due to baby) 

State of Disunion stars the 50 not-so-United-States of America, Native Nations, and other personifications of American Culture as they attempt to live together despite their many, many differences.

The stories cover cultural and historical moment in United Status history, and though some are current events, it is not meant so much as a political cartoon, but rather a way to acccess the unique hisotry of this nation and to cover thigns 
The Comic is not a continuing story line, but rather a collection of one shot jokes occasionally connected, but meant to stand alone as well (like most newspaper funnies). So any point is a good jumping on point!

State Sketches

A few sketches I have done of the various states and territories for conventions.