The Art of Kathryn Crenshaw 
NEWS: November 21 2021

Well my Fall Market experiment went well. I have done indoor venues for so long, setting up for an outside venue was a bit of challenge, but I think I've finally got the hang of it, though blustery days are still pain.

If you were local, thanks for stopping by, and thank you for supporting small artists!

The other news is that I will be in two upcoming zines.
Razzle Dazzle: A Historic Hetalia Zine/ (pre-orders about to open)
Endings: A Destiel Zine  (Pre orders closed : (  )

I am *very* excited about that. I love making my own zines, but there is just something fun about participating in group zines as well. These are my 3rd and fourth group zines to be chosen for, and every time it's just so much fun. 

As soon as I am allowed I will post the art here but for now here are previews:

Also, I've begun work on some new projects.
One is a re-design of an older series.  The details of this I think I'll keep under my hat for now. The other project  is some new Space Mermaid designs that I hope to incorporate into a new Art Book

Here are some of the preliminary sketches

New Art  Oct-Nov 2021

Here are some of my latest sketches and finished pieces.
The Halloween watercolor were sold at the Fall market, while the Neon Sketches were a series I did on Twitch with Shonuff Studios.
The last picture is fanart of the character Shin Mouri from the series Samurai Trooper, which I have been enjoying re-watching with my kids.

For more, sketches, please follow my tumblr blog 
Commission Status

Upcoming Shows: 
Rowlett Fall Market  (ended Nov 11)
More info TBA

All Indoor Shows for 2021 have been canceled.